WELCOME to my postage stamp shop!

I sell Vintage Postage and out-of-print Forever Stamps for Wedding Invitations and Snail Mailing.

Edelweiss Post offers you vintage USPS postage stamps which you can search by theme, holiday, geographic location, and color combinations.  Make an impression before the envelope is even opened -- And make someone's day at the same time! 💌

Most Postally Yours,
Patrick 🙂

Stamps are beautiful pieces of tiny art. But they’re more… They’re magical little tickets which allow your thoughts in physical form to fly to whomever on earth you choose. A card is a gift; the envelope it’s wrapping. Make an impression.

Customer reviews
We used these stamps for our wedding invitations and they were absolutely PERFECT!
— Brianna
Shopkeepers like EdelweissPost have a platform for their unique wares and flair and creativity. I am a repeat customer and cannot extol the virtues of EdelweissPost enough...super fast shipping and each package is a gift to the recipient in several ways...I won't ruin the surprise...just order!
— Rachel
I use these stamps when I'm mailing something to my son. He's a huge fan of guinea pigs. Patrick is helpful, accommodating and a pleasure to do business with. Thanks as always.
— Elizabeth
Great selection of stamps in pristine condition. Very fast shipping. It's so exciting when the delivery arrives due to the artistic touch on the envelop! LOVE this shop!
— Shawn
Edelweiss Post is my favorite! I come back to them over and over!
— Tom

Beautiful stamps for life's meaningful moments.